Device not working smoothly?

If your device malfunctions, is broken or needs repairing, cleaning or software updates, contact iDeal service centre. Our Apple-certified repair technicians will test your device and perform the necessary service with your approval in order to solve the problem.

Our service center is located in Riga, Brivibas street 31 and shopping hall Akropole Riga.

  • To check the repair status, you need to enter the serial number of the device or the repair number and surname.

    • Skatīt remonta statusu ŠEIT
  • Service throughout Latvia

    The iDeal Service Centre is located at 31 Brīvības Street, Riga or 257 Maskavas Street, Riga. Are you outside Riga or can't return the device yourself? Send us your device by courier! We'll help you deal with Apple service and repair issues remotely, without the need to come on-site.

    1. Choose the shipping method that suits you best: Omniva, DPD or another supplier that suits you best. The iDeal service centre is located at 31 Brīvības Street, Riga. Please use DPD Paku Skapis Brīvības 44 or OMNIVA Pakomata Brīvības iela 35.
    2. Pack the device securely and specify the recipient.
    3. Please describe the problem in writing, in as much detail as possible.
    4. We will carry out a diagnosis and send you a repair quotation.
    5. We will agree with you the costs, if any, and order the necessary spare parts.
    6. We will carry out the necessary repairs and spare part replacements and send the appliance back to you after payment of the invoice.

    The sender is responsible for the shipping costs when sending to a service. We will send the device back to the nearest service centre FREE OF CHARGE. Courier home delivery is available for an extra charge of €4-10.It is very important to include the sender's name, email address and phone number.

    What to consider when sending your device:
    • Servicing normally takes up to three working days.
    • Be as specific as possible when wording your service wish and the description of the problem.
    • Pack the device in such a way that it can cope with being dropped from a low height (liability for which rests with the courier).
    • By submitting your device for servicing, you agree to our terms and conditions.
    • In the event that the warranty period has expired, you will be invoiced for the diagnostics of your device, in accordance with the current price list.

    For more information: +371 2 9808281 or email

  • Charged device replacement

    iPhone 14 Pro Max/ 15 Pro Max- €919
    iPhone 14 Pro/ 15 Pro- €859
    iPhone 14 Plus/ 15 Plus- €789
    iPhone 14/ 15- €719
    iPhone Xs Max/11 Pro Max/12 Pro Max/13 Pro Max- €789
    iPhone X/Xs/11 Pro/12 Pro/13 Pro-€719
    iPhone 12/ 13 - €589
    iPhone XR/11/12 Mini/13 Mini- €459
    iPhone SE (3nd gen, 2022) - €439,00
    iPhone SE (2nd gen, 2020) - €379,00
    iPhone 8/ 7 Plus/ 8 Plus- €459,00
    iPhone 7/ 6s - €379,00
    iPhone 6s Plus - €429,00
    iPad Air (3rd gen)- €529,00
    iPad Air (4/5th gen) WI-FI - €589,00
    iPad Air 5th gen WI-FI +Cell- €669,00
    iPad 6th/7th/8th/9th gen - €349,00
    iPad (10th gen) - €509,00
    iPad mini (4th/ 5th gen) - €389,00
    iPad mini 6th gen WI-FI - €499,00
    iPad mini 6th gen Cell - €539,00
    iPad Pro 10.5” - €609,00
    iPad Pro 11” 1st/2nd gen - €609,00
    iPad Pro 11” 3rd/4th gen WIFI - €799,00
    iPad Pro 11” 3rd/4th gen WI-FI Cell- €849
    iPad Pro 12.9” 2nd/3rd/4th gen- €849
    iPad Pro 12.9” 5th/6th gen WI-FI - €999,00
    iPad Pro 12.9' 5th/6th gen WI-FI Cell - €1069
    Apple Watch Ultra / Ultra 2- €659
    Apple Watch S4/S5/S6/S7/S8/S9 Stainless Steel - €519,00
    Apple Watch S4/S5/S6/S7/S8/S9 Aluminium Cell - €469
    Apple Watch S4/S5/S6/S7/S8/S9 Aluminium GPS - €399,00
    Apple Watch SE 1st/2nd gen Cell - €329,00
    Apple Watch SE 1st/2nd gen GPS - €269,00
    Apple Watch S3 Aluminium Cell - €319,00
    Apple Watch S3 Aluminium GPS - €229,00

    Repairs/spare parts

    iPhone battery replacement (līdz iPhone 8, SE 3nd gen) - €69,00
    iPhone battery replacement (iPhone X līdz iPhone 13) - €89,00
    iPhone battery replacement (iPhone 14 līdz iPhone 15) - €99,00
    iPhone 6s/ 7/ 8/ SE(2nd, 3rd gen) screen replacement - €199
    iPhone 6s Plus/ 7 Plus/ 8 Plus screen replacement - €219
    iPhone XR/ 11 screen replacement - €245
    iPhone 12 Mini/ 13 Mini screen replacement - €299
    iPhone X/ Xs/ 11 Pro/ 12/ 12 Pro screen replacement - €359
    iPhone 13/ 13 Pro/ 14/ 15 screen replacement - €359
    iPhone Xs Max/ 11 Pro Max/ 12 Pro Max screen replacement - €419
    iPhone 13 Pro Max/ 14 Pro/ 14 Plus/ 15 Plus screen replacement - €419
    iPhone 14 Pro Max/ 15 Pro Max screen replacement- €499
    iPhone 12/13 Mini Rear system - €379
    iPhone 12/13 Rear system- 429,00
    iPhone 12 Pro/13 Pro Rear system- €559,00
    iPhone 12 Pro Max /13 Pro Max/ 14 Pro Rear system - €629,00
    iPhone 14 Pro Max Rear system - €699,00
    iPhone 14/ 15 Mid system - €489,00
    iPhone 14 Plus/ 15 Plus Mid system - €559,00
    iPhone 15 Pro Mid system - €629,00
    iPhone 15 Pro Max Mid system - €699,00
    iPhone 14 / 15/ 15 Pro Back Glass - €219.00
    iPhone 14 Plus/ 15 Plus/ 15 Pro Max Back Glass - €249.00
    Lost Airpods 2nd gen / Airpods 3rd gen - €99.00
    Lost AirPods Pro (1st/ 2nd/ 2nd USB-C gen) - €119.00
    Lost AirPods 2nd gen, Charging Case - €89.00
    Lost AirPods 3rd gen, MagSafe Charging Case - €109.00
    Lost AirPods Pro (1st gen), Wireless Charging Case - €129.00
    Lost AirPods Pro (1st gen), MagSafe Charging Case - €129.00
    Lost AirPods Pro (2nd/ 2nd USB-C gen), MagSafe Charging Case - €129.00



    Mac diagnostics - € 29,00
    iOS diagnostics - € 19,00
    Accesories diagnostics - € 9,00
    Creating a defect certificate for device - €15,00
    Replacing spare parts, easy - €39,00
    Replacing spare parts, medium - €59,00
    Replacing spare parts, complicated - €79,00
    Data Migration - €50,00
    Cleaning - €40,00
    Software installation - €35,00
    Off-schedule repairs- €35,00
    For other prices contact the service +371 29808281


    Prices valid from 01.02.2024, if prices change they may not be updated immediately.
  • What do I need to know before contacting a service centre?

    Prepare your Apple ID password and turn off Find My iPhone or Find My Mac. Find My iPhone is available on all iPhone and iPad devices. Find My Mac is available on all Macs with a built-in T2 security chip - iMac Pro, Mac Pro (2019), Mac mini (2018), Macbook Air (2018 models and later), Macbook Pro (2018 models and later).

    Back up your device data - Maci tutorial and iOS tutorial.

    Take your purchase documents with you if possible.

    What defects/damages are covered under warranty?

    If your device is covered by a valid warranty, it will cover hardware defects (your computer does not turn on, your phone’s flashlight does not work, etc.).

    Damage and defects caused by user negligence or use (the device falls down, liquid damage, etc.) are not covered by the warranty.

    Warranties can be extended for up to four years with our iDealWarranty service. When you buy a new device, you can also buy iDealCare insurance for up to two years – this covers user-caused defects, theft, etc.



    I have forgotten my Apple ID username and/or password. What to do?

    Try restoring it by following these instructions or contact Apple International Support on 80003251

    What is device replacement and when is it done?

    Device replacement is carried out when a spare part cannot be replaced or the device is so damaged that repairing it is not possible. In the latter case, the whole device module is replaced.

    Replacement products or parts or repaired Apple products will continue to have the original remaining Apple warranty or a 90-day warranty beginning with the date of the replacement or repair, whichever is the longest. iDeal Group AS reserves the right to determine the final repair category.

    I bought my Apple device abroad, does the manufacturer’s warranty also apply to it in Latvia?

    In general, we can offer warranty repairs on all devices, but we cannot offer servicing to products from certain regions. Ask for more information directly from a service centre.

    If I’ve purchased iDealCare insurance for my device, can I go to an Apple store abroad if it’s damaged or stolen?

    iDealCare insurance applies only at iDeal shops in Latvia.

  • Contact our service team if your Apple device has been damaged. Back up your device and turn off Find My iPhone or Find My Mac function before coming in for service.

  • In some cases, Apple devices are found to have manufacturing-related hardware problems that can occur on many devices. In such cases, Apple will recall the faulty device by serial number and replace the faulty component free of charge or provide you with a new device if repairing it is not possible.

    Devices included in the programs and their faults can be found at HERE.

    If your device is experiencing the faults described in any of the programs, check the serial number to see if your device is eligible for free repair or replacement.

    Mac serial number: Apple menu > About this Mac iPhone/iPad serial number: Settings > General > About

    If your device is eligible for free repair or replacement, bring it to us. Before you come, don’t forget to carry out the necessary steps described in the FAQs.