Payment methods

Please note! Your security is guaranteed when paying for goods in the iDeal e-shop.

Bank links

In order to provide bank links, we cooperate with Montonio. After placing your order, click on a suitable bank link, which will immediately redirect you to the online bank of your choice: Swedbank, SEB, Luminor. Enter your username and passwords and log in to the online bank. After that you will see a payment order already filled in, showing the amount due for the products you want to purchase.

Credit card

Enter your credit card details. Confirm or cancel the data. If you pay by credit card, the delivery time is extended by the time it takes to receive the payment, which is usually 1-2 working days.


You can pay for your purchases by bank transfer and collect the goods at the address of your choice. After payment, you will receive an invoice together with the goods. You can order additional invoices electronically to your email or in paper format by contacting Customer Support (+371 2 8030305).


We offer you the possibility to purchase goods via hire-purchaser offered by inBank, ESTO, and TF Bank


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