Customer claims

1. The time limit for submitting a claim is 24 months from the date of delivery of the product for natural persons. In the case of legal persons, the manufacturer’s warranty is applied.

2. During the time limit of submitting claims, the Consumer is entitled to have the product repaired free of charge. If the fault is related to manufacturing, the cost of material and manufacturing defects, labour and spare parts are all covered.

3. The basis for submitting a claim is the proof of purchase.

4. Claims cannot be submitted regarding product tutorials, adjustment, servicing, cleaning, restoration of the commercial appearance of the product and the remedying of defects caused by failure to comply with the instructions for use.

5. The right to submit claims does not apply to damage caused during transport after delivery of the product to the Purchaser.

6. iDeal will not remedy defects that occur during the time limit of submitting claims free of charge if they are caused by:

  • software bugs installed in the device;
  • normal wear and tear;
  • misuse or improper use or maintenance (including repair or maintenance by a person not authorised by the manufacturer);
  • tampering with, replacing or removing the serial number, verification sticker or marking sticker of the device and/or detail;
  • defects notified to the customer by iDeal before the purchase of the device;
  • external factors. External factors are considered to be, among others, lightning, inadequate voltage and voltage fluctuations, moisture, liquid, mechanical damage;
  • the product fails to work due to the fault of the owner, as a result of improper use, failure to follow the instructions for use, or if defects were caused by careless storage, maintenance or overloading.

7. iDeal relies on an expert assessment (diagnostics) carried out by an authorised representative of the manufacturer to determine liability. If, as a result of the expert assessment, the defects are found to be caused by the above factors, but the device can be repaired, the Consumer has the option to order a repair for a fee. Repairing devices with liquid/moisture damage and/or mechanical damage will continue to be carried out for a fee.

8. The expert assessment (diagnostics) of the device is subject to the payment of an expert assessment fee if iDeal is not responsible for remedying the defect in the device and the device cannot be repaired. The Consumer will also have to pay the expert assessment fee if no defect is found in the device after its assessment (diagnostics) and the device meets the manufacturer’s technical requirements.

9. The expert assessment fee is waived for private customers for the first six months from the date of purchase.

10. If the Consumer disagrees with iDeal’s position, the Consumer must prove that:

  • there is a defect (based on an expert assessment);
  • the defect or the reason for the defect existed at the time of the delivery of the device;
  • iDeal is responsible for the defect.

11. If iDeal has issued a sales guarantee for the device, iDeal will ensure that defects are remedied in accordance with the terms and conditions of the sales guarantee.

12. To exercise your right to submit claims, please contact an iDeal shop at the address on the purchase document or send a written claim to +371 2 8030305 or send mail to, un jūs saņemsiet instrukcijas par to, kā rīkoties ar šo produktu.

13. n addition to the rights arising from the right to submit a claim, the Purchaser will also have any other rights arising from legislation of the Republic of Latvia.