Private copying levy

What is a private copying fee and why do I need it?

On April 8, 2021, the government approved the amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers' regulations directed by the Ministry of Culture (MoC), which provide that the data carrier compensation (DNA) will also have to be paid for smartphones, computer hard drives and external hard drives in the future.

The media royalty is a small one-time fee paid by the purchaser of this device to authors, performers, producers, actors and film producers for permission to copy their works for private use.

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iDeal Group AS duty rates for devices imported to Latvia:

The private copy fee is automatically added to the shopping cart
  • MacBook 2.85€ +VAT
  • iMac 2.85€ +VAT
  • iPad 2.85€ + VAT
  • iPhone 1.50€ + VAT